Ways to Teach the Children outside China to Learn Chinese

Each sign generally has two components a graphic component which represent a man woman tree and a phonetic component which gives some idea of the pronunciation. From learning a Western language learning Chinese writing is quite different sunsetpoolscustomdesigns.com You need to know a whole series of sounds to learn a Western language like English. If you take an English word apart separating it into its many phonetic syllables it would lose its meaning altogether.

Educational Standards and the Ironic Distance

Standards in education create what Slavonic key calls an ironic distance. One can think of this as a law that is ignored by all including the enforcers of that law. Another way to think about the ironic distance is as a social policy that is accepted by all but denied in practice drainagenwaterproofing.com The former evokes visions of highway speed limits that are routinely ignored by motorists and only sporadically enforced by the police. The latter brings to mind blatant racism in a nation that claims it has extraordinary…